Shrove Tuesday and Lent

Shrove Tuesday and Lent

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Shrove Tuesday and Lent

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Pancake Day Shrove Tuesday is the day when we eat pancakes. This is the last day before the Christian time of Lent. In olden days Christians did not eat many foods such as milk, eggs and fats during Lent. They did not waste food so before Lent began, they had a feast using all the food that would go bad before they could eat it again. Pancakes were a dish that used up the foods by adding some flour.

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What is Lent? The 40 days before Easter is known as Lent. (We don’t count the Sundays.) At this time, our days get longer and it is the start of Spring Time.

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When does Lent begin? Lent begins the day after pancake day. The last day ends with Palm Sunday. This is the day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and people waved palms leaves at him and laid them at his feet.

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Why does Lent last for 40 days Jesus went to the desert for 40 days and nights. He didn’t have any food or water. The devil came and tried to make Jesus eat and drink. He made Jesus lots of promises but Jesus said NO!

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Lent is a time when Christians give up something special like chocolate. This reminds them when Jesus went into the desert and gave up food. What happens during Lent?

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There are many special days during Lent leading up to Easter. Easter is the most important of all Christian festivals Lent is a time when Christians prepare for Easter and think of Jesus.

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If you give something up for Lent. What would it be?