Презентация на тему Halloween к уроку по английскому языку

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Презентация по слайдам:

Слайд #1

Слайд #2

Phonetic Drill [æ] – black, bat, cat, rat, vampire, Halloween; [e] – festival, skeleton, devil; [i] – witch, wizard, trick; [ɔ] – goblin, holiday, monster, knock; [u:] – full, moon, broom, tomb; [ai] – bright, fight, night, tonight; [əu] – oh, ghost, October.

Слайд #3

Halloween Monsters Witch Goblin Werewolf Ghost Vampire Black cat Bat Pumpkin Candle Owl Spider

Слайд #4

The 31st of November is a religious ([rɪ'lɪʤəs] религиозный) holiday known as All Saints’ Day. The evening before became known as Halloween. Many centuries (['senʧərɪ] век) ago Celts ([kelts] кельты) celebrated (праздновали) Halloween in Ireland and Scotland. They believed (верили) that evil spirits (злые духи) visited the earth on the 31st of October at night before All Holy Ones' Day. Here comes the name: Halloween from “hallo” – saint and “eve” – evening. Celts were afraid (боялись) of witches and dressed up costumes to frighten (испугать) evil spirits. They also put food and small presents for witches at the doors of their houses. Here comes the word expression (выражение): “trick or treat”.

Слайд #5

Today there are lots of Hallowe’en parties. People dress up as witches, ghosts, devils, cats or bats. Houses are decorated (украшать) with pumpkins (тыквы) and candles inside them (внутри них). Some children follow the American custom called Trick or Treat. They knock (стучать) at your house and ask, “Trick or Treat?” If you give some money or some sweets (a treat), they go away. If not, they can play a trick on you, like splashing (плеснуть) water in your face. No Halloween party is complete (завершена) without a scary ['skɛərɪ] story (страшилка). Usually people crowd ([kraud] собираются) together around a fire on Halloween night. And one person tells a scary story in a low voice.

Слайд #6

Complete the sentences: Halloween is on the… People dress up as… Houses are decorated with… Some children knock at the houses and ask “…” If you don’t give any money or sweets, they … People usually tell … on Halloween night.

Слайд #7

Guess the Words: ctobreO, weloleHan, twich, hogst, muppink, andlec. Answers: October, Halloween, witch, ghost, pumpkin, candle.

Слайд #8

Match the words with their Russian equivalents: Wizard Bat Full moon Scary story Treat Trick Sweet Pumpkin Custom Страшилка Сладость Угощение Тыква Обычай Летучая мышь Волшебник Полнолуние Шалость

Слайд #9

Fill in the missing words: Gum, candy, good, cake, trick, treat, cookies, fruit Trick or ______, trick or_______, Give us something good to eat. Give us ___________, give us _____________, Give us something sweet to take. Give us ___________, __________ and ________, Hurry up and give us some. You had better do it quick, Or we’ll surely play a __________. Trick or __________, trick or _________, Give us something __________ to eat.

Слайд #10

Trick or treat, trick or treat, Give us something good to eat. Give us candy, give us cake, Give us something sweet to take. Give us cookies, fruit and gum, Hurry up and give us some. You had better do it quick, Or we’ll surely play a trick. Trick or treat, trick or treat, Give us something good to eat.

Слайд #11

Before we listen and read to go (went) – идти to listen – слушать to be sure [ʃuə] быть уверенным to sound like - похож to run (ran) – бежать crying – плачь to find – находить to touch – прикоснуться haunted ['hɔ:ntɪd] – с привидениями silly [sili] – глупый cobweb ['kɔbweb] паутина dark [da:k] – темно to hate [heit] – ненавидеть to hear [hɪə] – слышать a spider – паук to see [si:] – видеть smell – запах, пахнуть noise [noiz] – шум rotten fruit – гнилые фрукты to happen – случаться horrible ['hɔrəbl] – ужасно to walk – наступать socks – носки

Слайд #12

One day Ann and her brother Tom were taking their dog Bob for a walk. Suddenly, Bob saw a cat in the garden of the big old house at the end of the street...

Слайд #13

Tom: Where did he go? Ann: I’m nor sure. I think he ran into the house. Tom: Come on. Let’s find him. Ann: No, I’m not going in there. Tom: Why not? Do you think it’s haunted? Ann: Don’t be silly. It’s dark. You can’t see anything. Tom: It doesn’t matter. We can hear Bob. Come on. It’s OK. Ann: Ow! Tom: What happened? Ann: I walked into something. I can’t see what it is. Tom: What does it feel like? Ann: Hard, you idiot!

Слайд #14

Tom: Shhh! Did you hear that? Ann: No. Tom: Shhh! Listen! It sounds like a baby crying. Ann: Oooh! I heard that. I’m going! Tom: Aaagh! Help! Ann: What’s wrong? Tom: Something touched my face. Ann: Ha ha! Maybe it was a ghost! Tom: It felt like a cobweb. Yeuch! I hate spiders.

Слайд #15

Ann: Ugh! What’s that smell? Tom: I’m not sure. It smells like rotten fruit. Ann: It smells horrible. Tom: It smells like your socks! Ann: Shut up you! And don’t do that! Tom: What? Ann: Touch my hair. Tom: It wasn’t me. I’m over here. Ann: AAAAGH! Run for it Tom!!!

Слайд #16

Answer the following question: What were the names of the main characters? Where did they come? Why did they go there? What did they find there? What happened to them at the end of the story?

Слайд #17

Find 12 words h a l l o w e e n g z w s p i d e r o m o n s t e r b b l a c k c a t a l o w l g h o s t i z v a m p i r e n i g h t v w e b

Слайд #18