My land

My land

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MY LAND Varashbash occupies the north-east of Muslumovo region. It’s bounded on the north by Krasnoyarsk, on the east by Metreyevo, on the west by Shuran, on the south by Iske Varash. Varashbash is bounded on the north the east the west the south Krasnoyarsk Metreyevo Shuran Iske Varash

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The territory of Varashbash is about 2412 square kilometers. The plain is used for fields and pastures. The most parts of territory take up………There are beautiful lakes in the village where we can swim, catch a fish and rest. There are little rivers along the village. The forests are encircled the Varashbash. The forests’ fauna is extremely rich. They are rich in the bears, foxes, wolfs, hares, goats and many others. The flora of forests is very different. You can meet an oak, a maple, a birch, a poplar, an aspen, a lime- tree, a nut-tree, pine- tree and other trees in our village. The tall and beautiful birches are decorated the territory of our village.

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The population of Varashbash is about 340 people. About 99% of population are the tatars other nationalities are Russian, Marian, Usbekian. The most of people works in collective farm “Yarish”. Other (about 30) works in school, shops, club, and post office. There are 90 pensioners. 28 pupils study at school and 18 children go to kinder garden.

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The legends There are some legends about arising village Varashbash. Many years ago here was a river. The territory was changed by forests. The first settlers were from Katmish and Iske Varash. They came about 200-250 years ago. The name of village connected with name of river Varash.

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Varashbash is small, beautiful and green country. Our country is mountainous. There are beautiful lakes, forests in our country. Winter is a lovely time for going into winter sports.We like to skate and sky.We go out to the forest in snowy, winter. Majestic sights!

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In summer people spend more time in the open air. We find time to go to the forest, to swim in the river, to sunbathe.We love our country! Our country is wonderful seat for having your vacation. We like to spend our holiday in our country.There is nothing like the Tatar country-side.