Mikhail Vrubel Demon Seated

Mikhail Vrubel Demon Seated

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Ordina Irina, 9

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Mikhail Vrubel was born into an officer’s family in the town of Omsk on March 5th 1856.

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Vrubel entered the Law Faculty of the University of St.Petersburg

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and also began to attend evening classes at the Academy of Fine Arts.

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In 1890 Vrubel finished his picture Demon Seated - the result of long and painful efforts.

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Demon us the image of story man’s spirit, inner struggle and doubts.

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He is sitting with sad eyes among unknown flowers.

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The background of the picture is mountiny place in red sunset.

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Composition emphasize that Demon’s figure looks like square and under part of frame.

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Picture was wroten in individual style of Vrubel with effect of crystal sides,

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that make his pictures more look like mosaic or panno.

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Sueh kind of effect Vrubel tries to get with flat touches made by mastifinom.