Speaking about the Future

Speaking about the Future

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Speaking about the Future

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Future Simple (Простое будущее время) Правильно говорить о действиях и событиях, которые будут происходить в будущем, нам помогает Future Simple.

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Future Simple + Will + V1 …… E.g. I will swim tomorrow. - Will+ not + V1 …. E.g. I will not swim tomorrow. ? Will V1 ? E.g. Will I swim tomorrow? Tomorrow In an hour Next month Next year Next week In 2056 The day after tomorrow

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Let’s speak! Read and translate: I will do my homework in an hour. We will play basketball tomorrow. You will get a very nice birthday present tomorrow. She will send me a postcard next week. It will be snowy next winter. They will come to Russia next year. Tomorrow – завтра Next week – на след. неделе Next year – в след. году Next time - в след. раз Next month – в след. месяце The day after tomorrow - послезавтра

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Complete the sentences: Let’s speak! It will be cold in winter. It will be ………. today. It will …. ………. today. It …… …. ………. today.

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Ask your partner what she will do tomorrow: e.g. Will you do your homework tomorrow? – Yes, I will./No, I will not. Let’s speak! sleep listen to music play computer games go to the cinema read books play with friends

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When can we use the Future Simple? Make the weather forecast (прогноз погоды) for summer months. June July August I think (Я думаю) June will be sunny. sunny windy cloudy hot cold rainy

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Making the weather forecasts Look and say what the weather will be tomorrow in other cities: e.g. In Pskov it will be rainy tomorrow. Pskov Yakutsk Tomsk Kazan Moscow

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Making the weather forecasts Say what the weather will be in your city this week: Sarapul