Restaurant kitchens vermenskoy

Restaurant kitchens vermenskoy

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ANI Restaurant kitchens vermenskoy Str. Red Army, 72, (entrance through the arch) (044) 590-25-65

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About the restaurant Ishli kyufta, Hashlama, tubs, barbecue chalagach, Aragats, ishkhan in white wine, tapakats - words like music to those who have already had fabulous taste dishes of Armenian cuisine in "Annie." It is difficult to name spoken surprisingly delicious - a legacy of the rich history of one of the oldest cuisines in the world - to the Armenian. To know a palette of flavors of dishes prepared by the Armenian recipes can and should be in Kiev, in the restaurant "Annie." Welcome, come in a cozy room, sit down for the most attractive table. Would you like solitude - note the cozy "wall-capsule" - here you like no one hurt.

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Here it is - a book of books - the menu. Vegetables, meat, fish, pastries, soups - all about what you heard so much, dreamed enjoy! Meals are prepared on the grill right there on the show kitchen, so you can easily watch the really fascinating process. While the chefs conjure over meats, cognac connoisseur of things for you to hold a tasting, and the waiter will give a cup of great coffee in Armenian. When it warms the sun, it becomes especially attractive summer terrace. She seemed to be specially created for an afternoon rest, fountains please the eye and refresh the air in the summer heat. Services: Banquets, Business Lunch, Fish (lean) menu Cuisine: Armenian, European

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Some dishes Sturgeon in Armenian with vegetables Empanadas in Armenian

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Potatoes in the tandoor Dolma

Слайд #6

Meat dish Skewers of veal

Слайд #7

Corporate salad "Ani" (eggplant, beef, tomato, suluguni, lettuce, cucumber, green) In Yerevan (fresh vegetables, homemade cheese, sour cream, green)

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news Happy birthday, the restaurant "Annie"! In October, friendly restaurant, "Anya" marks its birthday and invites friends to celebrate together! For the past 5 years we are pleased with your generous offer a warm welcome, friendly atmosphere and wonderful food from our chef. During these years you have become our family, so we want to share a holiday with you. In honor of its 5th anniversary of the restaurant's "Ani" gives each guest is 5% of the Trump Card throughout October! Come and visit us on a delicious lunch and wonderful dinners in the company of relatives and friends. Enjoy the delicious wonders of Armenian cuisine and festive atmosphere in the restaurant "Annie"!

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wifi Show on map Hours: From 11:00 to 24:00 (until the last guest leaves) Discounts on a map: At face value trump card Average cost per person: 250 UAH. Services: Banquets, Business Lunch, Fish (lean) menu Entertainment: TV / DVD / Video, Nursery, Live Music Interests: Summer Terrace Parking: Yes