Stonehenge - forever a mystery

Stonehenge - forever a mystery

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ТВОРЧЕСКАЯ РАБОТА STONEHENGE – FOREVER A MYSTERY (СТОУНХЕНДЖ) Руководитель работы: Смирнова Екатерина Васильевна. Работу выполнили ученицы 8 «Г» класса: Пошехонова Мария, Дымченко Анастасия.

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Introduction Chapter 1 Location Chapter 2 How old is Stonehenge? Chapter 3 Why was it built? Chapter 4 It might have happened like this Chapter 5 Golden Dawn Ritual Chapter 6 Other same places. Conclusion Bibliography Contents

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Introduction. “stands as lonely in history as it does on the great plain” Henry James John Constable

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The word megalith comes from the Ancient Greek μέγας megas meaning great, and λίθος lithos meaning stone. Megaliths.

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How old is Stonehenge? Phase I (2950-2900 BC) Phase II (c. 2900-2400 BC) Phase III (c. 2550-1600 BC)

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Why was it built?

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A Ballad of Stonehenge Three thousand years before Christ was a child, England was beautiful, young and wild. There were people, forests and rivers there, And the magic stones hung in the air. The people who brought them were strong and brave, And under these stones they found their graves. Where did they come from? Where did they go? Who were these people? We’ll never know. Was it temple? An ancient god’s house? Was it compass for friends from the stars? They built it five thousand years ago, But why did they do it? We’ll never known. Now these days are gone and the people are gone, But the midsummer sunrise still shines on the stone. And the midwinter sunset still comes with the rain, And Stonehenge greets them on Salisbury Plain.

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Golden Dawn Ritual.

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Other same places. Part of a megalithic structure at Göbekli Tepe (Turkey). Megalithic tomb in Khakasiya, Russian Federation.

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Megalithic tomb, Mane Braz, Brittany Poulnabrone dolmen, Ireland.

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Conclusion. William Wordsworth wrote: Pile of Stone-henge! So proud to hint yet keep Thy secrets, thou lov'st to stand and hear The plain resounding to the whirlwind's sweep Inmate of lonesome Nature's endless year.

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Stonehenge will be a mystery forever…