Who is William Shakespeare for you ?

Who is William Shakespeare for you ?

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Who is William Shakespeare for you ? What can you find in Stratford-on-Avon connected with W.Shakespeare today ?

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The Birthplace in Henley Street. This unassuming house has been called the ‘most honoured monument of the world’s greatest genius’.It holds a priceless collection of Shakespeare relics.

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The Collegiate Church. The Collegiate Church of the HolyTrinity,Stratford,is the place where Shakespeare worshipped and where he lies buried.

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Shakespeare’s Centre. The headquarters of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust are located in the Shakespeare Centre close beside the Birthplace itself in Henley Street.The striking modern buildings of the centre ‘ house important collections of Shakespearian material.

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The Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The 1412-seater Royal Shakespeare Theatre is one of the world’s leading centres for performances, training and lifelong learning.

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The Shakespeare Hotel. The Shakespeare Hotel, in Chapel Street is a fine example of the half-timbered building style which gives so much of its character to the town.