English week

English week

Презентация на тему English week к уроку по английскому языку

Презентация по слайдам:

Слайд #1

English week Danilova. G. V.

Слайд #2

Напишите слова в алфавитном порядке. Mother, apple, uncle, street, name, hobby, country, white, brother, family, doctor, lamp, rose, please, tennis, yard, good, jam, office, vase.

Слайд #3

Назовите правильно числительное

Слайд #4

Вставьте правильно глагол am/is/are или have got/has got. Hello! My name __ Buratino. I __ from Russia. I __ 7. I __Artemon. He __my friend. He __7 too. Artemon __ a cat. The cat __white and black. I __ a hobby. My hobby __drawing. My sports __tennis and boxing. Buratino

Слайд #5

Соберите слова из слогов как можно больше. by doc ni ter ce tor ter sis dow fa sic mi ple win cen hob ap ly mu

Слайд #6

Составьте диалог из всех реплик. Hello, What’s your name? I’m eleven. Have you got a sister? Hello, my name is Peter. How old are you? Yes, I’ve got one sister called Mary. Are you a pupil? Goodbye. Yes, I’m. I am a pupil. Bye.

Слайд #7

Прослушайте текст и нарисуйте картинку по тексту. This is a yard. There is a small house in the yard. The house has six windows and one door. There are three green trees in the yard. There is a bench under a tree. The bench is blue. There is a red ball on the bench. There is a brown dog under the bench.

Слайд #8