I am your friend from America

I am your friend from America

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I am your friend from America

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We learned things together... We worshipped together... We helped one another... and we care about you.

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After Columbus discovered the New World, Spanish Conqistadors found Native people living in large villages all over "The Island of Florida." You call it America today. Most villages were near rivers. Their biggest river, the Mississippi, ran through the heart of their Nations. Other rivers flowed into it, like the one they lived on, the Tennessee River. They called all of them "The Great River." They were their highways. Indians canoed them for thousands of miles every day.

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There is a special room for dance of the sun in it. It is also a sacred place. There is a column in the center, personifies the world axis connecting the Sky and the Earth. The column leads to the Sun, as a symbol of Great Spirit. The flue provides access to Heavens and an entrance for spiritual force.

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The Plains Indians were nomadic hunters of buffalo. This meant that they had to follow the buffalos herd when the animals moved from place to place, looking for fresh grass to eat. This required that they be able to unpack and move to another location quickly. They needed a shelter that was portable, durable and water resistant. The tipi was perfect for that. It is the another type of the dwelling.

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Made of brain tanned buffalo skin, the tipi was water resistant and easily disassembled. The tipi's structure consisted of lodge pole pines placed and secured in a cone. Then 14 to 20 buffalo hides were sewn together in a circle with sinew, and stretched across the poles with a smoke hole at the top. A flap was designed to enter and exit the dwelling.

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Only certain women performed particular duties in making a tipi cover, and only a few did the cutting and matching of the skins. This knowledge was passed on within the family, or was conditionally sold to someone else. In some tribes, this was a right possessed by only one woman in the village.

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