What's your line? A job for life

What's your line? A job for life

Презентация на тему What's your line? A job for life к уроку по английскому языку

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Journalist Bus driver Nurse Doctor Waiter Banker Top model Teacher Vet Reporter Musician Book-keeper Dentist Actor Taxi driver Firefighter Postman Writer Dancer Singer Lawyer Gardener

Слайд #4

Artist Surgeon Interpreter Director Commentator Agronomist Architect Flight attendant Painter Librarian Scientist electrician Computer programmer Fishman Sailor Musician Newsreader Engineer Designer Politician Band leader Photo journalist Policeman Pilot Mechanic Farmer

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Work in a team Be polite and helpful Deal with people Concentration Be patient Be flexible Be good at Administrative skills Communicative skills Disciplined Be confident Be eager to learn Be hardworking Have good intuition Work under pressure Perform in public Creative skills Energetic Ambitious Tactful

Слайд #8

Interesting Popular Prestigious Well paid Follow fashion Career options Career prospects Appealing Personal interest/hobbies Family traditions Job opportunities in the area Character of person Dreams and ambitions Success in some subjects at school

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Nobel interesting tiring romantic exciting boring well-paid difficult important fun like enjoy dangerous stressful exhausting

Слайд #10

1.… controls the finances. A) farmer 2. … designs machines. B) mechanic 3. … produces food. C) driver 4. … takes pictures. D) musician 5. … works in a court. E) policeman 6. … drives a car. F) vet 7. … makes speeches. G) engineer 8. … works in a library. H) lawyer 9. … looks after our teeth. I) photographer 10. … cures people. J) accountant 11. … catches criminals. K) journalist 12. … repairs cars. L) doctor 13. … plays in an orchestra M) librarian 14. … cures animals N) politician 15. …writes articles for newspapers, O) dentist magazines, television