small business

small business

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Small business presentation VALĒRIJA PETROVA, SEK, 1.KURSS

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“Beer is made by men, wine by God.” ― Martin Luther

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Content Company profile Production SWOT analysis Overall goal of the company Company structure Company culture Advertisement and marketing activities Main shop

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Company profile Summertime Name of Company Ltd “Summertime” Activities Produces fruit wines Workforce 450 Profits Average profitability Location Riga, Latvia Market One small factory, 10 small local shops, 3 shops abroad, online shop Turnover 500’000 Ls Plans To built second factory in Liepaja and transport wines to Great Britain and USA by sea

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Production Summertime mango champagne white strawberry table wines pineapple guava hibiscus

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Corporate strategy and structure SWOT analysis S W O T Internal Strengths Customer base Growing company Professional and well-trained staff Many product lines Weaknesses Taxation Poor design of the bottles and packaging Old machinery External Opportunities Sales before holidays Removal of international trade barriers Arrival of new technologies Threats Economy (introduction of the euro) New government regulations (for selling alcohol drinks) Lack of demand after Christmas and New Year

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Overall goal of the company Strategic planning Long-term goal is: to establish Summertime as the leader of wine producers in Baltic region Operational planning to continue to focus on the core strengths of the winery and to «stay the course» developing a «brand sales strategy» build more factories Short-term goals are:

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Company structure Functional structure Board of management Factory workers Shop workers Online shop assistants

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Company culture Family culture + Eiffel Tower culture Face-to-face relationships One big leader (Managing Director) Steep hierarchy Everybody knows their role

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Marketing activities Advertising in public transport, newspapers TV and Radio commercials Free degustation after product presentation (also in the whole chain of shops)

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Main shop in the factory

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Summary Ltd Summertime is Riga based company which produces fruit wines The overall goal of the company is to be established as a leader of wine producers in Baltics It is company with functional structure and combining of family and Eiffel Tower culture Before buying a wine in our shops You can degustate it for FREE

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Life is too short to drink bad wine!

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