Cooking lessons

Cooking lessons

Презентация на тему Cooking lessons к уроку по английскому языку

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Cooking lessons

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Recipe book ( Cooking book )

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Recipe book for children Pictures ( illustrations ) Names of products ( ingredients) Popular dishes Instructions Recipes

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Picture A Picture B

Слайд #5

Products Vegetables Fish cereal pasta cabbage potato tomatoes onion orange juice tea Grocery Fruits Dairy Meat Drinks apple cheese beef salmon lemon butter chicken cod

Слайд #6

Popular dishes Meat Eggs Apples Potatoes

Слайд #7

Meat Dishes Meat balls Chicken soup Roast beef Pork chops

Слайд #8

Kitchen tools (utensils) Frying pan Pot Sauce pan Bowl (spoon) Chopping board (knife) Rolling pin

Слайд #9

Instructions (how to cook) Cut ( Slide, Chop ) Fry ( Roast, Grill ) Boil Stew Bake ( Knead, Roll out) Put ( Add, Pour ) Mix ( Stir, Blend )

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Apple pie recipe Ingredients: 5 apples, cut up 100gr butter, melted 1 cup of flour 1cup of sugar 1egg Instruction Put apples in pie plate In a bowl mix 1 cup sugar, flour and butter Add an egg, some salt Mix well and pour over apples Bake at 250 degree for 45 minutes

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Chocolate pudding

Слайд #12

Ingredients: 3spf. of cocoa 2spf. of cream 60 gr. of sugar 1 cup of milk 100 gr. of breadcrumbs 50 gr. of butter 2 eggs, 1tspf. of soda 60 gr. of flour

Слайд #13

How to cook: 1. Mix cocoa, breadcrumbs, butter, flour and soda in the bowl 2. Pour warm milk and cream 3. Beat up sugar with eggs and add to the dough 4. Bake at 200 degrees for 1 hour

Слайд #14

Vegetable Ragout

Слайд #15

Ingredients: 1 onion 1 pepper 2 carrots some herbs (parsley) 4 potatoes cabbage

Слайд #16

How to cook: 1. Fry sliced carrots, onion pepper with oil in the saucepan 2. Cut and add some herbs (parsley) 3. Add sliced potatoes and cabbage 4. Stew vegetables for 30 minutes and add some salt

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Recipe 1.The Name of the Dish 2.The Ingredients: 3.The Instructions (how to cook):