Easter in Russia

Easter in Russia

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Easter in Russia

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In our country Easter- is one of the most popular holidays. It's a day of happiness, time for union of all faithful people in Russia.

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Easter- is a very old holiday with old traditions. Usually orthodox people make Easter cakes, curd cakes that are called «Pasha» and colour eggs.

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Easter cake It`s a round cake with raisins, nuts or candied fruits and usually with marzipan decorations. Nowadays we can buy it in a store.

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Pasha This dish is made of curd in a form of pyramid. Orthodox people can cook pasha only once a year.

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Eggs You can paint eggs in red colour with onion peels or paint them in different colours. After that you can decorate eggs with labels, paints or something else- you should make it with love only!

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You can give an egg to somebody as a gift and say: «Christ is risen!», and answer will be: «Truly. He has risen!». It's also an old tradition.

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Before the October revolution people in Russia sent Easter postcards to each other. They were really kind and nice!

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Easter in Russia Vlasenco Eugene lyceum №329 10«A» form 22.04.2011