Russian New Year

Russian New Year

Презентация на тему Russian New Year к уроку по английскому языку

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How is it??? You know that New Year’s Day is different in all countries. And now we will find out, how it's celebrated in Russia.

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Preparations for the celebrating of New Year usually begin a month before. All the people decorate their Christmas trees with different toys, balls, etc.

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When New Year comes, nearest and dearest people get together at the table.

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Where invariable attributes are: Mandarins Champagne Salad “Olivie”

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After the speech of the President at 12 o’clock a Chiming Bell rings.

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During this time everybody thinks about his wishes. When they dream, Santa Claus (called Ded Moroz) comes home imperceptibly and puts gifts under a Christmas tree.

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After the strike of a chiming bell everyone dinks glasses of champagne and greets each other.

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A popular fun is to start up fireworks. Most people don’t sleep till morning.

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New Year perhaps is the most expected and cheerful holiday in Russia.