Pilgrims’ history

Pilgrims’ history

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Pilgrims’ history FATHERS - PILGRIMS, the name fixed in a history for Englishmen, landed in Plymouth in 1620. Pilgrims spoke about themselves as about "sacred" The name ‘Pilgrims’ appeared in 1793 when it was used in the sermon by Saint C. Robbins.

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The first British people in America One the first groups of British people, now called the Pilgrims, went to America four hundred years ago. Before that time only Native Americans lived there. The Pilgrims left England from a town called Plymouth and now there is a town in the USA with the same name. Many people from Great Britain followed the Pilgrims to America. They also gave British names to their towns, so now there are a lot of towns in the USA and Great Britain with the same names. Look at the maps of Great Britain and the USA and find some of these towns.

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The mission of Pilgrims September 16, 1620 from Plymouth the ship "Mayflower" has sailed away. It has delivered the first immigrants - “fathers- pilgrims", going to locate there and to base a colony.

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Pilgrims’ clothes Girls used to wear long dresses and bonnets. Women used to wear white or black blouses, bonnets, black skirts and white apron.

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Men and boys. Boys used to wear long dresses too. Men used to wear white collars, waist coats, black cloaks, baggy trousers and black hats.

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American and British people There are many other similarities and differences between the people of the USA and Great Britain. Many British people love American pop music, films, jeans and fast food. The Americans like wearing British woolen jumpers and macs (mackintoshes) – but they call them sweaters and raincoats!

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The English language in Great Britain and USA The Pilgrims took their language to America. So the Americans and the British speak the same language – but with some differences! In the USA the people speak American English and in Great Britain they speak British English. The accent is different in these two types of English and often the spelling and the meaning of words are different too.

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Language differences 1. BrE: chips AmE: French fries 2. BrE: a packet of biscuits AmE: a package of cookies 3. BrE: sweets AmE: candies 4. BrE: a packet of crisps AmE: a bag of potato chips 5. BrE: a tin of tomatoes AmE: a can of tomatoes

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Story time You can read a story about the Pilgrims.

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Voyage to the Unknown 1 It was a fine September day in 1620 and the sun was shining. Lizzie was standing on the desk of the Mayflower. She was looking back at England for the last time. She and her family and friends were on their way to America. While she was standing there, Lizzie heard a voice behind her. ‘Are you unhappy because you’re leaving England?’

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Voyage to the Unknown 1 Lizzie turned and saw a young sailor. “No,” she answered. “In England many people were unkind to us because our religion is different. We have a very simple life so people think we’re strange” “I don’t think you’re strange,” said the sailor and he smiled. At first the weather was good and the sea was calm. Every morning Lizzie used to walk on desk and see the young sailor.

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Voyage to the Unknown 1 His name was John Parker and soon they became close friends. They always used to talk about America. It was an unknown place and Indians lived there. It was exciting but frightening. Then one day the weather changed. “There will be a storm so you must stay below deck” the captain told the Pilgrims. But it was uncomfortable and hot there. Many people were seasick.

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Voyage to the Unknown 1 The sea become rough. Lizzie was worried about John. “I’ll go and find him” she thought. On deck she couldn’t stand without holding the rail. The waves were huge. Suddenly she heard her name. “Lizzie! Be careful!” It was John. But at that moment a wave came over the side of the ship and dragged him into sea.

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Voyage to the Unknown 2 The ship rolled dangerously from side to side. The waves were huge. John’s head disappeared under the water. Lizzie screamed. Some sailors ran quickly to the side of the ship. “Man overboard!” one shouted. Lizzie stared at the sea but she couldn’t see John anywhere. Then she saw a rope handing from the ship. The sailor were pulling it.

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Voyage to the Unknown 2 Suddenly John’s head appeared above the water. He was holding the rope. “We’ve got you! Hold on!” the sailors shouted. Lizzie was crying as they pulled John carefully onto the ship. They laid him on the deck and a sailor hit John hard on his back. John coughed up water and opened his eyes. He saw Lizzie and smiled weakly. “Please don’t cry” he said.

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Voyage to the Unknown 2 The storm continued for several days. Then one day it was over but many people were ill. Lizzie and the other women looked after them and they worked busily all day. But Lizzie often thought about John. Sometimes she was able to meet him late at night and they talked together quietly under the stars. Early one morning Lizzie was walking on deck when she heard a shout. “Land ahoy!”…

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Voyage to the Unknown 2 She looked and saw the land in the distance. It was America – the New World! But she didn’t feel happy. She felt sad. She was going to live in America but John was going to return to England on the Mayflower. “I’m sure it’s a wonderful country for a family,” said a voice behind her. It was John. ‘Please marry me, Lizzie,” he said softly…

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Voyage to the Unknown 2 Lizzie looked at him and smiled. “ Of course,” she answered happily and she took his hand. They turned and looked at their future country.

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Ask and answer 1. Why did Lizzie scream? 2. How did the sailors pull John onto the ship? 3. Where did the sailor hit John? 4. What did Lizzie and John do late at night? 5. Why was Lizzie sad when she saw America? 6. Did John return to England?

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