Пассивный залог

Пассивный залог

Презентация на тему Пассивный залог к уроку по английскому языку

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Слайд #1

Тема «Пассивный залог» Форма проведения урока: викторина

Слайд #2

Цели урока: 1. Совершенствование грамматических навыков по теме «Пассивный залог». 2. Развитие внимания и мышления. 3. Поддержание интереса к изучению английского языка.

Слайд #3

am, is, are + V3 was, were + V3 shall be, will be + V3

Слайд #4

Do think give have say see be build write eat swim learn send buy hear take speak make

Слайд #5

last year every day next Friday last week yesterday tomorrow

Слайд #6

- This house was built in 1991. (What ?) - The TV set was bought in the shop. (Where ?) - Football is played all over the world because it is a very popular game. (Why ?) - English is spoken in Great Britain. (What language ?) - Cheese is made from milk. (What ?) - The letter will be answered next week. (When ?) - The pupils will be met in the garden. (Where ?)

Слайд #7

1 Discovered, in, America, 1942, was. 2 In the morning, the newspaper, not, brought, is. 3 Monday, written, next, the letter, will be. 4 Every, two, given, are, apples, day. 5 Yesterday, photo, taken, that, was. 6 Not, tomorrow, be, will, the news, old.

Слайд #8

1 Ann cleans her room every week. 2 People build new houses in big cities. 3 We bought oranges and peas in the shop. 4 They sold stamps in the post office. 5 Children will play hide-and-seek in the park. 6 Pupils didn’t visit the boy last week. 7 We don’t translate poem at home.

Слайд #9

Thank you for the game! Good bye!