Make the most of your money

Make the most of your money

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Make the most of your money Money spent on the brain is never spent in vain proverb New Millennium English 8 Unit 2 Lesson 8 Polina Kravtsun Class 9b Lyceum No6 Yessentuki Stavropol krai 2009-2010

Слайд #2

credit card [kredıt ka:d] notes [nəυts] coins [kɔınz] discount [dıs´kaʋnt] currencies [kʌrənsız] cheque [tʃek] cash [kæʃ] bargain [´ba:gın]

Слайд #3

Remember the active vocabulary 1.advertise A. запомнить 2.annoying B. рекламировать 3.commercial C.поощрять, ободрять 4.encourage D. развлекатьcя 5.get entertained E.раздражающий 6.selective F.коммерческий 7.stick in your head G.избирательный

Слайд #4

1.The coins or banknotes a) shop that you use to buy things 2. A place where you buy b) money different things 3. A large shop with many c) shop assistant departments 4. A person who buys d) customer things in the shop 5. A person who works e) department in a shop store Find the Definition

Слайд #5

Оdd Out 1.a) shop assistant, b) cashier, c) baker d) 2. a) buy, b) , c) go shopping, d) choose 3. a) , b) bag, c) basket, d) packet 4. a) supermarket, b) shop, c) , d) market 5. a) money, b) coin, c) , d) banknote 6. a) cost, b) sell, c) , d) try on 7. a) fit, b) match, c) , d) suit clerk sleep window square box swim take One

Слайд #6

Make up sentences Where is your shopping list? is, your, Where, list? shopping I, on? this, May, blouse, try May I try this blouse on? can, for, What, you? do, I What can I do for you? for, Boris, the party,bought,T-shirt, a new Boris bought a new T-shirt for the party a, He, shop, is, assistant He is a shop assistant Where is he? He is at work. + ?

Слайд #7

TV advertisements Advantages fun to watch people get entertained songs are cool help to choose goods useful information some are exciting encourage to buy presents very relaxing Disadvantages boring and repetitive make me cringe you may go mad chewing gum for eyes everywhere and all the time sometimes tell lies stick in your head

Слайд #8

Are you for TV advertising or are you against it? I’m for Ads because … Ads should be banned because …

Слайд #9

Spending money on books on presents to friends on comics and magazines on computer games on CDs on films

Слайд #10

-Did you buy a present for Jane yesterday? Yes, I chose an interesting book for her. Marry – a bottle of perfume your sister – a bag your friend – a new CD Make up short dialogues. Use the words prompted:

Слайд #11

- I think this suit is a bit loose on you. -I quite agree with you. shirt, raincoat, jacket Make up short dialogues

Слайд #12

-The coat is rather tight. Give me a size larger. Here you are. Sweater, trousers, suit Make up short dialogues

Слайд #13

How do you like this suit? You look smart in it , and it fits you well. Raincoat, frock, jacket Make up short dialogues

Слайд #14

-This suit is too expensive. Will you show me something cheaper? Certainly. Hat, bag, shoes, trousers Make up short dialogues

Слайд #15

Would you like to relax? Would you like to buy anything? Asking for a favour Agreeing Thanking Replying

Слайд #16

Harrods in Knightbridge Selfridges King’s Road in Chelsea

Слайд #17

Shopping in London

Слайд #18

Shopping in London 1.Big department stores in Oxford Street are … Selfridges, John Lewis, D.H. Evans 2. … Garden market is open every day. Covent 3. The smartest and most expensive shops are in Knightsbridge, but more people come to … Oxford Street. 4. Twice a year, in January and July … has a “sale”. Harrods

Слайд #19

Make the most of your money save money find something cheaper use adverts friends’ advice buy expensive things look for discounts look for bargains buy in the sale don’t buy yourself don’t spend money choose the best buy at “boutiques” buy clothes that fit you buy things that match buy your size try things on

Слайд #20

Are you ready for the test? I need a new jacket ___ my new jeans. to fit to suit to go with

Слайд #21

The best things in life are free. A penny saved is a penny earned. Easy come, easy go. Value time over money – only time cannot be replenished. Самое дорогое в жизни бесплатно. Копейка рубль бережет. Как нажито, так и прожито. …только время невозможно вернуть.

Слайд #22

Good Luck!