In the town where I was born

In the town where I was born

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In the town where I was born Lived a man … Paul McCartney Famous People of Stolbtsy Region

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STOLBTSY region in the past

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STOLBTSY region in the present

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Arkadzij Zmachynski Alyaksandr Tyrko

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Arkadzij Zmachynski Arkadzij Zmachynski was born in Stolbtsy on the 3-rd of January. Has been rewarded with “a veteran of energy” and “a veteran of labor”. In 2009 he published a historic narrative ‘STOLBTSY’.

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Alyaksandr Tyrko Alyaksandr Tyrko is a well-known historian. Worked as a teacher of history. For the whole life he has been studying the history of Stolbtsy, its villages and citizens. Has published some books and a lot of historical articles.

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Yaygen Khvaley YAKUB KOLAS Mikhalaj Yudkin

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YAKUB KOLAS Yakub Kolas, real name Kanstantsin Mitskievich - a Belarusian writer, People's Poet of the Byelorussian SSR , and member and vice-president of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences. He wrote collections of poems Songs of Captivity and Songs of Grief, poems A New Land and Simon the Musician, stories, and plays. His poem The Fisherman's Hut is about the fight after unification of Belarus with the Soviet state. His trilogy At a Crossroads is about the pre-Revolutionary life of the Belarusian peasantry and the democratic intelligentsia. He was awarded the USSR State Prize in 1946 and 1949.

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Yaygen Khvaley Yaygen Khvaley is a famous Belarusian poet, writer, critic and columnist. A member of Belarusian Poets and Writers Association. He was born at a small village Belkayschyna. He debuted as a poet with ‘Mother’s tongue’ (Матчына мова) in 1967. The best works of the writer: ‘Rats, or a secret diary’, ‘The Street Princess’.

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Mikhalaj Yudkin Mikhalay Yudkin is a famous poet. Не was only 12 years old when the Great Patriotic War began. The village, where he lived, was destroyed by the fascists and he was taken into the concentrated camp. After the war he wrote a lot of poems about the horrors of the war and about Belarus.

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Veterans of wars Firemen Medical people Afghanistan warriors Labor heroes Education workers Military men What names can be written on the stars?

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The horrors of war Veterans of wars: Nina Vasilevskaya Hanna Kisel Vladimir Shirochin Valentina Shirochina Vladimir Trophimenko Alena Kankalovich Petr Kapusta Maria Ivanova Maria Pavlovich Hanna Phrolenko Mikhalaj Yudkin Zinaida Yarmakovich Fedar Karzhankoy Volha Dzerbeneva

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Afghanistan warriors of Stolbtsy district: (they died in Afghanistan) Alyaksandr Bokhan, Viktar Kanaval, Viktar Klimahin, Valeryj Knyazey, Mikhalaj Kryvylka, Pavel Shydloyski, Alyaksandr Yanyshkevich, Leanid Yaysejchyk, Mikhalaj Dyrney

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Military men: Alferov A.F. – the first commander of the military unit; Ivan Belyachkoy, Ivan Gajdyk, Alyaksandr Dybatoyka, Alyaksandr Rybin, Karl Ygolnik

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Medical People: Nataliya Stelmachovich (Adzintsova) – a gynaecologist; Tamara Pychtina, Volga Vasileyskaya

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Education workers: Alyaksandr Rytski (a scientist), Ivan Abramovich, Viktar Agarodnik, Valyantsina Valozhyna, Sophia Varaksa, Vasil Zyb, Mikhail Khalkoyski, Arkadz Kamenka, Natallya Kren, Mikhalaj Lazyk, Mariya Likhach, Eydakhiya Lyatsko, Yladzimir Matrynchyk, Mikhalaj Semyanyaka, Anastasiya Sitkevich, Leanid Sitkevich, Lyangina Tsvirka

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Labor Heroes of Stolbtsy region: Raman Vankovich, Anissya Getsman, Hanna Shchetka (Shydloyskaya), Zinaida Yarashevich

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