School is fun, isn’t it ?

School is fun, isn’t it ?

Презентация на тему School is fun, isn’t it ? к уроку по английскому языку

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Слайд #1

School is fun, isn’t it?

Слайд #2

Pronounce the words correctly: [a:] [ju:] [∫] [t∫] art you sharpener picture ask computer bookshelf teacher answer pupil dictionary question heart music Russian Literature

Слайд #3

Find the words: [’kla:srum] - [’blækbo:d] - [’buk∫elf] - [’pikt∫ə] - [’∫a:pnə] - [’dik∫ənəri] - sharpener dictionary classroom picture bookshelf blackboard

Слайд #4

[kəm’pju:tə] - [’ru:lə] - [peints] - [’eksəsaiz buk] - [’ti:t∫ə] - [’pju:pl] - [æk’tiviti buk] - [kə’setri’ko:də] - ruler computer pupil cassette recorder paints teacher activity book exercise book

Слайд #5

Make up sentences with the words: 1. count, from, Jim, 1 to 10, can. 2. learn, poems, English, pupils, by heart. 3. to answer, I, teacher’s, the, questions, like.

Слайд #6

4. friend, retell, my, text, tomorrow, this, will. 5. sister, to ask, likes, little, questions, my, silly. 6. to discuss, at, lesson, the, problems, different, like, pupils.

Слайд #7

Learn new words: naughty [’no:ti] – непослушный classmates [’kla:s meits] – одноклассники there is something good about him – в нем есть что-то хорошее

Слайд #8

What does Ann like? Ann is eleven. Ann is the pupil of the fifth form. She has five lessons a day. Ann likes Mathematics, Russian and History. Ann learns Mathematics because she wants to be as clever as her granny. She likes to draw people at the lesson of English. Ann likes to ask and answer the teacher’s questions. She doesn’t like to retell stories.

Слайд #9

Why does Paul like school? Paul likes to go to school. His favourite subject is PT (physical training). Paul is good at History and Music. He never talks with friends at the lessons. He usually does what the teacher says. Paul is friendly.

Слайд #10

Speaking Ask your partner questions to find out: if he/she likes to go to school; what his/her favourite subjects are; what he/she likes to do at the lesson; what he/she likes to do during the break; what lessons he/she doesn’t like; what he/she doesn’t like to do at the lesson; what things he/she usually takes to school;

Слайд #11

Writing Complete the sentences: I … to go to school. My favourite subjects at school are … . I learn … because … . I like to … at the lesson of … . I need … at the lesson of … . I don’t like … . I don’t like to … at the lesson of … . I must … . I mustn’t … .