The family in the modern world. Relations between parents and children

The family in the modern world. Relations between parents and children

Презентация на тему The family in the modern world. Relations between parents and children к уроку по английскому языку

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The main problem between generations. There are many problems between parents and their children. It can be differences between the views of the younger generation and the views of the elder generation. Also it can be children’s disobedience because today they want to be more independent. This is the main problem in families in the whole world. Nowadays, it is a common reason of many disagreements and quarrels in families. Parents do not understand their children and think that they are not old enough. In their turn children think vice versa.

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The pros and the cons of children’s independence in different societies. The views of American parents. The British families. The family policy in Russia.

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The views of American parents. For many societies it is very strange and unusual when parents give a freedom to their children in early age as Americans do it. Children get independence when they want it. If they think it is time, parents do not protest. Children can do what they want without parents’ permissiveness. They can make decisions of their own or participate to adult’s conversations. Also American parents are not against when their children go away from home and start new life. I think it is wrong policy because in the late teens children can decide what is better for them. In their new life they can meet difficulties and parents should be always by their side. It seems to me that in most American families such situation when children leave home, they forget about their family and parents can not even expect some help from them.

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The family in Britain. The family in Britain has several common features with American family. British parents also give their children more freedom to make his or her own decisions in life. In the last years children became more independent than they used to and they like it. The children prefer to live alone, without adults. They want to separate and live their own life. These trends are more usual and normal for British teenagers. In my opinion this family policy is as wrong as in USA because during the time parents can lose their authority and power above their children. I think the majority of children are out of control in Britain and it is really bad.

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The family policy in Russia. There is no stability family policy in Russia but it is different from American and British because of some reasons: 1.Russian parents don’t give much freedom to their children at early age. Some children do not agree with such conditions, but in common they have to used to. 2.At my point of view, nowadays, there are many disagreements between generations, but in Russia children are more attentive and kind to their parents than in USA and UK. 3.Children become independent at their time, not when they want it and parents play a big role in their decisions. I think it is right policy when children know their place and parents should keep it strong.

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The ways to solve problems. Conversations between parents and children. The main way to solve problems is to find understanding between generations. Children have to respect their parents and always hear what they say.