Time off

Time off

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Жумагалиева Сымбат Кайдаровна Казахстан Атырауская область пос.Индерборский средняя школа имени М.Ауэзова

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Theme of the lesson “Time off” Aims: To provide students with an opportunity for free speaking practice; To develop students’reading, listening abilities; To communicate about the topic.

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Free time Leisure activities Spare time Recreation

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Task 1 Find someone who… Questions Names … goes to the cinema … meets your friends … goes to the concerts … hangs around street corners because they have nothing to do …does a lot of sport … stays at home and watch TV

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Task 2 Questions Where do you go in your free time? Who do you go with? What do you usually wear? When did you last go there? What do you remember most about it? Do you sometimes prefer to stay at home rather than go out?

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Task 3 Interviewer: Excuse me, I’m doing a survey on how people spend their time. Can I ask you a few questions? Do you ever …?

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Task 4 Discuss the leisure activities with your partner. I think football is boring. football tennis cricket shopping fishing gardening entertaining painting going to nightclubs watching reading swimming running walking playing cards do-it-yourself

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Task 5 Centuries ago, people didn’t have much free time, because everybody was working too hard. In Britain in the nineteenth century, people had more spare time, but because the Victorians hated relaxing and doing nothing, they invented football. Rugby and cricket. People took up more gentle activities too, like gardening, bird-watching and train spotting, and it was even possible simply to watch a sport and give the impression that you were actually doing something. Gradually, leisure activities have become less and less energetic interests and hobbies. But now there is a new type of person who thinks that lying on the sofa watching television on Sunday afternoon or reading the newspaper from cover to cover is the most exciting activity they can manage. This the twentieth century coach potato. For them, every activity is too much trouble, and laziness is an art form! So how do you spend your free time? Are you a coach potato?

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Someone who takes little or no exercise, and who spends their free time doing very little.

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Rhyme by Carolyn Graham “A coach potato” Do you like to swim? Do you like to ski? I am a coach potato I like TV. Does he like to swim? Does he like to ski? He’s a coach potato He likes TV. He doesn’t like to ski He’s a coach potato He likes TV

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Task 7 Create a poster for the new club or leisure facility. Decide on: The size, shape and design on the poster The name of the club The location The type of music The opening hours Any age restrictions The cost of entry