Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin

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The Soviet pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, cavalier highest distinction a number of states, an honorary citizen of many Russian and foreign cities. Yuri Gagarin

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Country: USSR Major: Pilot-cosmonaut Military rank: Expeditions: "East" (12 April 1961) 1st man in space Time in space: 1 hour and 48 minutes Date and place of birth: March 9, 1934, the village Klushino, USSR Date of death: March 27, 1968 (34 years)

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Awards: The Soviet: Foreign countries:

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Space flight Start the "Vostok" was produced April 12, 1961 at 09:07 Moscow time from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, with the pilot-cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on board Gagarin's call sign was "Cedar".

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After "at the start," said Gagarin became famous phrase: "Let's go!". Rocket "Vostok" worked without problems In orbit, Gagarin spent just an experiment: drinking, eating, taking notes with a pencil. "Putting" pencil beside him, he accidentally discovered that he immediately began to float away.

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Gagarin meeting At an altitude of 7 km in accordance with the flight plan Gagarin ejected, after which the capsule and astronaut began to descend by parachute separately.

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The lighting in the Soviet media

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memory In place-names: Gagarin and Gagarin district (Smolensk region) Gagarin called boulevards, streets, avenues, squares, Smelovka memorial in the village near the landing site of the first cosmonaut of the Earth

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monuments to Gagarin

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How are you in 2013? Landed on Mars?