Incredible Britain

Incredible Britain

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Incredible Britain

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What is Halloween? a holiday of people in love a holiday of the witches and ghosts Carlson's birthday

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When do they celebrate Christmas in England? March, 8 April, 1 January, 1 December, 25

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Which city is a capital of Great Britain? Paris Washington London

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Who lives in Britain besides the Englishmen? the French, the Chinese Russian the Scots, the Irish, the Welsh

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Who wrote «Romeo and Juliet»? Shakespeare Lermontov Mozart

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Who rules in Britain nowadays? Prince Charles Prince William Elizabeth II

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Which one of these sights is not in Great Britain? Westminster Abby The Tower of London Notre Dame de Paris

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What do the Englishmen traditionally cook for Christmas? a roasted turkey a duck with apples a grilled chicken

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What is the difference between the men in Scotland and the men from other countries? they have long hair they wear skirts

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Byron is …? a model of computer a poet a producer a singer

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Who wrote «Alice in Wonderland»? Louise Carroll Jack London Sydney Sheldon

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Where is Sydney situated?

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At what time do the Englishmen usually have their traditional «tea»?

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What holiday do we celebrate on the fourteenth of February? a day of people in love a day of liberty

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What place is an official Residence of the Queen? Buckingham Palace British Museum Westminster Abby

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What river is the most important and the deepest in Britain? Thames Seine Mississippi

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What is the symbol of England? red rose shamrock thistle

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