Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day

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TEACHER’S DAY We celebrate Teacher’s Day in autumn, on the fifth of October.

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TEACHER’S DAY Pupils congratulate their teachers on this holiday and teachers thank their pupils for the warm congratulations and become very glad.

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TEACHERS Teachers are very different. They may be kind and strict, young and not young. But all of them want to be happy on this day.

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TEACHER’S DAY Pupils are kind, polite and active at the lessons. They even become teachers themselves and give the lessons in other forms.

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TEACHER’S DAY Teachers give good marks and don’t give a lot of hometask on this day. And the lessons are usually shorter.

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A QUIZ Celebrate ____ Congratulate _____ Congratulations ___ Thank _____ Active ___the lesson ___other form (class) ____this day on on to for at in on

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IS IT EASY TO BE A TEACHER? A teacher is … a person who helps pupils to study: he\she explains the material, gives and checks up exercises and tests, organizes competitions and so on; a person who teaches pupils to communicate.

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A TEACHER… Makes up lessons planning for a year. Gets ready for every lesson. Explains the material, choose necessary tasks and the ways to do them.

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A TEACHER.. Checks up pupils’ works and points or corrects their mistakes. Keeps class registers. Gets pupils ready for passing school exams.

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A FORM TEACHER… Controls pupils’ attendance and school results. Checks up pupils’ daybooks and write out their marks from the class register. Maintains close contact with pupils’ parents. Organizes parents’ meetings and consultations. Helps pupils to solve different problems in their class. Takes part in class activities.

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CAN YOU BE A TEACHER? Can you make up plans well? Can you analyze your actions? Can you communicate with children? Can you find and explain information well? Can you ask and answer different questions? Can you learn all your life? Are you ready to pass exams every 5 years?

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IDEAL An ideal Teacher Polite and friendly Be not angry with pupils Not shout at pupils Explain the material well Always help pupils Give little hometask Give only good marks Not complain to pupils’ parents… An ideal Pupil Polite and active Be not rude to teachers Not shout at the lessons Understand the material well 5-6. Always be ready for the lessons and do homework Get only good marks Not complain to his parents…

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IDEAL An ideal Teacher… is polite and friendly. is not angry with pupils. doesn’t shout at pupils. explains the material well. always helps pupils. gives little hometask. gives only good marks. doesn’t complain to pupils’ parents… An ideal Pupil… is polite and active. is not rude to teachers doesn’t shout at the lessons. understands the material well. 5-6.always is ready for the lessons and does homework. 7. gets only good marks. 8. doesn’t complain to his parents…

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LET’S SUM UP The profession of a teacher demands: Being hardworking like a bee Being punctual like a clock Giving lessons like an expert Giving tests like a bolt from the blue Checking up pupils’ works like a breeze

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TEACHER’S DAY So, the best congratulations to the Teachers and their Pupils!