Arustamov Markar Ivanovich, a doctor from birth

Arustamov Markar Ivanovich, a doctor from birth

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Arustamov Markar Ivanovich, a doctor from birth.

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The most important thing for all the people is health which is above wealth. But we understand this proverb only when we face the problem ourselves . A profession of a doctor is and has always been very honorable . However, some names of wonderful doctors , which were well-known years ago, are nearly forgotten nowadays

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Markar Ivanovich Arustamov was born in Shusha (it is a town in Nagorny Kharabakh)in a poor family in 1854. He finished a vocational school and got a grant, which helped him to enter a gymnasia in Tiflis. Later he educated in Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg.

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He was in his last year there, when the war between Russia and Japan began. In 1877-1878 Markar Ivanovich volunteered to take part in the war and worked as a surgeon. He had 2-year experience at hospital in a town of Tyrnovo.

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After the war Arustamov M.returned to Shusha. He worked as a doctor in different Transcaucasian districts. Also, he was interested in life and working conditions of the Armenian, Azerbaijan and Kurd people. As a result of his research he published a book “The population of Southern Transcaucasian District”.

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Markar Arustamov criticized the tsar’s polisy there.In some months he was banished and had to move to Stavropol , and later to St.Petersburg. Having become Doctor Of Science , he still couldn’t work in central cities, and came to Astrakhan.

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M.Arustamov worked as a senior doctor at the Bureau of Food Fish. He tried to visit the most distinct salt and fish mines. He decided to develop a system of medical service of fishermen.

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The epidemic of cholera in 1892 showed Arustamov’s nobility and selflessness.

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On the 3rd of June ,1892 M.Arustamos was assigned to organize a sanitary station. He immediately arranged a hospital ship, a bacteriological room and a disinfection room. And hard work began.

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Shortly 263 ships and 214 barges with more than 10,000 people aboard were defined, checked and disinfected. The sanitary stations had not enough necessary medicine and food. They needed fresh water , too.

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The water in the Volga was shallow. Even small boats with dead bodies couldn’t reach its banks. So M.Arustamov and his assistants had to carry the dead bodies themselves walking knee-deep in water.

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Dr Arustamov took part in liquidation of an epidemic of plague which happened in a village of Kolobovka. The doctor not only visited patients , but also described all the forms of the disease , carried out a bacteriological and anatomical research. Summarising the research he published a book about plague.

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In 1901 M.Arustamov went abroad on a business trip.In Paris he worked at the Institute of Microbiology founded by Louis Paster. He went on researching causes of fish poison. But coming back to Astrakhan M.Arustamov died in Armavir on the 3rd of November,1901.

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M.Arustamov’s scientific and medical achievements were so fruitful and necessary that the Society of Astrakhan doctors established a scholarship named in honor of Markar Arustamov. Also ,his scientific works were published and the library named after him was organized.

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A contribution made by Markar Ivanovich Arustamov to science and medicine ,to improvement of medical service in Astrakhan region must not be forgotten. One of possible ways to immortalize the talented doctor and scientist‘s deeds is to rename one of streets of Astrakhan in memory of him and to hang a marble memorial board telling about his achievements.

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