Поговорим о праздниках

Поговорим о праздниках

Презентация на тему Поговорим о праздниках к уроку по обществознанию

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Слайд #2

Учебная: совершенствование навыков монологической речи, тренировка навыков орфографии и навыков чтения. Задачи: научить высказываться о своих увлечениях. Воспитательная: направить увлечения учеников в нужное русло. Развивающая: обучать умению использовать опору в виде микротекста.

Слайд #3

Речевая зарядка? . How are you? What did you do yesterday? Do you play sports? Did you help your mother about the house? Оргмомент. Today we are going to speak about your hobbies and holidays. Фонзарядка. Look at the symbols,please.Name the sounds and remember the words with them:(m,k,t,d,h,i)

Слайд #4

m-music,stamps,games,swimming K-collecting,hockey,taking,picture T-tennis,travelling,football,computer D-dancing, drawing,reading,models H-hobby,hockey,have,has i-cinema,racing,music,ships

Слайд #5

I go to the theatre every day. Do you go to the theatre every day? You don’t go to the theatre every day. I can play ice hockey very well. I have got a big collection of models of plants. I have got a cottage in London. I go to school every Sunday. I disagree with you. You don’t go to the theatre every day.

Слайд #6

You like collecting postcards. Your granny is fond of watching TV. Your parents are fond of gardening. Your sister doesn’t like to listen to the music. Your hobby is playing the guitar. Your brother’s hobby is not fishing.

Слайд #7

My hobby is… I like… It helps me… I can… My hobby is very interesting because… I think…is very popular… I am sure my hobby…

Слайд #8

Sh- p b- ke Ho- b- c- ins R- lax pop- l- r C- me-y hors- ra- ing Spo- t ga- dening D- ncing r- ading Collect- ng en- oy Give the russian equivalent of these words.

Слайд #9

Head and shoulders Knees and toes Head and shoulders Knees and toes And eyes and ears and mouth and nose. Do you remember any poems? Can you recite them?

Слайд #10

Answer my questions, please. What holidays do you know? What holidays celebrate in Russia? Do you like holidays? What is the most favourite holiday in your family? What is your favourite holiday and why?

Слайд #11

Reading Say which holiday you like best.Why?

Слайд #12

Home task To speak about your last holiday Ex.10 page163

Слайд #13

Thank you for the lesson!