Environment protection

Environment protection

Презентация на тему Environment protection к уроку по английскому языку

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VOCABULARY environment-окружающая среда chlorofluorocarbons- хлорофторуглеводы protection-защита to release-выбрасывать surroundings-окружение refrigerator-холодильник development-развитие conditioner-кондиционер crowded-переполненный to increase-возрастать nuclear-ядерный skin-кожа pollution-загрязнение cancer-рак noise-шум to weaken-ослаблять destruction-разрушение immune-иммунная alarming-тревожный danger-опасность acid rain-кислотный дождь to fill-заполнять to suffer from-страдать от waste-отходы depletion-истощение chemical-химический ozone-озон fertilizer-удобрение layer-слой pesticide-пестицид to protect-защищать to die-умирать ultraviolet-ультрафиолетовый following-следующий ray-луч brink-край(обрыва, пропасти) to damage-портить, наносить ущерб extinction-вымирание

Слайд #3

To pollute, pollution, environment, poisonous, ecological, radiation, greatly, universal, protection, harm, harmful, nature, natural, biology, biologist, protect, science, scientific, care, careless. Translate the words and say what part of speech they are:

Слайд #4

Say what ecological problems are of people’s great concern nowadays. You may use the following words:

Слайд #5

NUCLEAR POLLUTION… very dangerous!!!!!

Слайд #6

WATER POLLUTION: ugly rivers of dirty water, to pollute water with factory waste, polluted fish, dead rivers, to be concerned about the purity of water, waste of chemical plants.

Слайд #7

Water must be clear…. What is ecological problem caused by?

Слайд #8

LAND POLLUTION: dead land, lifeless arenas, to turn the land to a desert, forests are cut and burn in fire.

Слайд #9

AIR POLLUTION: fume from the chimneys, the release of harmful substances into the air, to be covered with soot and dirt, smog over the city, hard to breathe, unhealthy environment, smoke clouds

Слайд #10

Complete the sentences, using the verb to cause, to be caused by …….. 1. Air pollution …………. 2. Soot and dirt in industrial cities……… 3. Smoke clouds ………. 4. Polluted fish in rivers……….. 5. Water pollution………. 6. Cutting of the vast forest…….. 7. A great number of cars………. 8. Noise pollution………..

Слайд #11

Match: 1)litter a)garbage on the ground or in the street 2)fence b)a special can for garbage 3)jail c)everything that a person can see 4)garbage can d)a walk that separates two places 5)view e)sickness 6)fine f)to manage or to stop 7)litterbug g)a number of people pay as punishment 8)disease h)money people as punishment 9)control i)a place people stay as punishment 10)group j)a person who throws litter

Слайд #12

Pollution is spoiling the air you breathe! Pollution is handing like a brown cloud over New York today. Dirt and smoke are pouring from cars and factories. Pollution is spoiling the air we breathe ,and it’s harming our health. New York has a big problem these days. The city has dirty air. The air smell bad , and it look ugly. Pollution is a health problem, too, because it’s hurting people’s lungs. This man thinks that pollution is dangerous. He doesn’t like the air, so he isn’t breathing it. He’s smelling a flower, and it smells good, but he doesn’t know it. He’s touching the flower with his mask, and the flower feels soft, but he doesn’t know it. He’s listening for birds, but he doesn’t hear any. He's looking for beauty, but he doesn’t see any. He believes that pollution is coming between us and the beauty of nature. He is trying to show his ideas with the gas mask. He wants people to work together now and to make the air cleaner soon.

Слайд #13

Answer the questions. 1.What is handing like a brown cloud over New York today? 2.Where are the dirt and smoke coming from? 3.What is pollution doing to our air and to our health? 4.What problem does New York have? 5.How does the air smell and look? 6.Why is pollution a health problem? 7.Why is the man wearing a gas mask? 8.Why doesn’t he like the air? 9.What does he think about pollution? 10.What is he trying to do?

Слайд #14

Using the scheme below describe the ecological situation. Try to answer the following questions. What makes ecological situation the most serious problem nowadays? Why do we consider man’s interference in nature careless? What measures should be taken to solve the problem of environmental protection?

Слайд #15

Ecological situation. Man’s interference In nature Planet-wide problems Environmental protection Greenhouse effect Creating a system of ecological security Cutting of the Vast forests Acid rains Global warming Ozone depletion Massive deforestation Upsetting of oxygen balance International organization Greenpeace Poisoning of the world’s air, land, water Industrial by-products Chemical fertilizers and pesticides Radioactive substances Environmental protection agencies

Слайд #16

Vocabulary Careless interference - беззаботное вмешательство The greenhouse affect - парниковый эффект To upset the oxygen balance - нарушать кислородный баланс Chemical fertilizers - химические удобрения Deforestation - обезлесение

Слайд #17

Translate the sentences from English into Russian in writing, using dictionaries. Acid rains affect both plant animal life. Environmental problems, relatively short have already been an object of a number of international discussions. As the pollution of large cities continues to grow. Since acid rains are a major threat to forests, possibilities of preventing them are being worked out.

Слайд #18

Translate into English. Кислотные дожди воздействуют как на животных, так и на растения. Она возникла ( to appear ) в начале 70-х годов. Сегодня в нее входят ( to number ) почти 2 млн человек из 15 стран. Воздушное загрязнение вызывается ( to calls) дымом заводских труб.

Слайд #19

The earth is our home and we must protect it…