AC/DC alternative current/direct current

AC/DC alternative current/direct current

Презентация на тему AC/DC alternative current/direct current к уроку по английскому языку

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school radio station alternative current/direct current

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Our programmes 1. Funny stories (call us and tell funny stories that have happened in our school) 2. Hit-parade (send us sms with the name of your favorite song) 3. Good Monday! 4. Hi, weekends! 5. Advertisements

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Music Cause we are not psychologists (we don’t know what kind of music you like), we want to ask you to send sms with songs that you want to hear But if you don’t do it, we have sample list of musical groups and singers that many teenagers like and not only they

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Here it is: DDT Kino Splin Brigadnyj podrjad The Offspring Lumen Pilot

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Our DJs: Vladik Irik Lenka Stjopik

Слайд #6

OPENING! AC/DC’s opening will be celebrated in the boarding house “Burevestnik”. 1. concert 2. gala dinner 3. disco 4. and a lot of music!

Слайд #7

Also quiz will be on our first day. Its name is “Recognize the voice of your teacher”. This is a unique opportunity to win a prize – plush frog!

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And at the end… We work on all breaks on Monday and Saturday. See you soon!