Welcome to Krasnoyarsk

Welcome to Krasnoyarsk

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PROJECT Welcome to Krasnoyarsk! Afanasenko Daniil 11 Class.

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Krasnoyarsk was founded by Andrey Dubenskiy in 1628. In 1822 Krasnoyarsk has become centre of Yenisseiskaya province.

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Sightseeings of city.

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Krasnoyarsk «STOLBY»

Слайд #5

Krasnoyarsk «STOLBY» are property of entire country. It is a favourite resting-place of tourists. Rock-climbers like to go in for sports.

Слайд #6

In Krasnoyarsk there are two hundred fountains. They are beautiful. The people visit them every day.

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The city is famous for its river Yenisey.

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There are four bridges in the city.

Слайд #11

In summer the river is a large navigable highway.

Слайд #12

There are many churches, cathedrals in Krasnoyarsk.

Слайд #13

In the city there are 30 orthodox temples. The oldest and the most beautiful among them are Pokrovskiy Cathedral (1785-1795), Blagoveshenskiy Cathedral (1804-1822), Svyato-Troizki Cathedral (1848).

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From mountains on Krasnoyarsk one can admire beautiful sightseeings.

Слайд #16

The symbol of Krasnoyarsk is chapel Paraskeva Pyathitza. It was built in 1852-1855. There is an inspection ground.

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There are many theatres in Krasnoyarsk: the Bolshoi Concert Hall, the Pushkin Theatre, the Theatre of Young People, the Musical Theatre.

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Krasnoyarsk is the most beautiful city in Siberia!