The Doll’s role in the girl’s development

The Doll’s role in the girl’s development

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The Doll’s role in the girl’s development Shashko Natalya Aleksandrovna 11 "B" class 211-175-226 English teacher: Zezyulya L. N. 207-212-400

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Introduction Children's toy is very ancient and difficult phenomenon of human culture. The doll as a toy is the important thing in development of the girl. It is possible to track, that during different historical time the doll differently influences on girl’s education. During a history of culture a role and functions of a doll in a society were changing.

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The purpose and problems The purpose of my research work is to reveal roles and functions of a doll at various times. The main tasks of my research work are: To study concept "doll" and its versions To reveal functions of a doll To compare functions of dolls Methods of this research work: Work with the literature Ordering a material The comparative analysis Photographing

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Dolls can be identified by functions: A doll - an idol A doll - magic means A doll - a toy

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A doll as art object: Traditional magic doll Traditional doll – toy Secular doll – toy Modern doll

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Traditional magic doll Dolls served a ceremonial symbol in an antiquity, they participated in magic spells and mysteries. The various magic properties were attributed to dolls: they could protect the person from malicious forces, take up illnesses and misfortunes, help with good harvest.

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Sacrum A ceremonial wedding doll Sleeplessness

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Traditional doll - toy Traditional doll is the elementary image of a female figure. It has not something superfluous, it is almost a symbol. The most important feature of a traditional doll was that these dolls were made manually. Sometimes they did not have face.

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Secular doll - toy Dolls also played a role of dummies. They did not stand on show-windows as against modern dummies. They were shown frequently by groups of dealers at annual fairs in Venice. Other role of a secular doll is a doll - child. The girl prepared for a role of future mother, playing with this doll.

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Secular doll - toy

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Modern doll Barbie Barbie shows an image of completely independent, emancipated women. Her life is always a holiday. But she does not have family and children. There are sisters, friends, infinite boyfriends. The doll cannot combine career and children, it is impossible. Barbie brings up completely independent girls, it is possible to tell, feminists. But, in opinion of researchers, Barbie promotes clearing of relations between sexes that is one of problems of psychological development at preschool age.

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Conclusion We have got acquainted with the brightest representatives of the world of dolls. The most ancient doll is an idol. People trusted, that souls of died ancestors are installed in these figures, and they can render protection and help to people.

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Conclusion Further we analyzed a traditional doll. There were two functions: one doll was magic, it was used in various ceremonies and played a role of an amulet or talisman from dark forces and malicious spirits; other doll was a toy and it prepared for girls for motherhood. These dolls were made manually.

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Conclusion Except for traditional there was a secular doll. This doll had two roles. The part of dolls was image of the woman of fashion, other part - played a role of the child and brought up the future mother of the girl.

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Conclusion Barbie is the main toy of girls in the modern world. She became an example for imitation too, but she does not prepare girls for motherhood any more, it faded into the background. In the foreground is the self-realization and independence of the woman.