The competition Saint Valentine’s Day

The competition Saint Valentine’s Day

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Слайд #1

Внеклассное мероприятие , посвященное «Дню Святого Валентина» The competition Saint Valentine’s Day

Слайд #2

Love! Friendship! Happiness! Affection! Romance! Today we can say these words because it is an unusual and special day - Saint Valentine's Day. This happy holiday cel ebrates friendship, love and romance. Valentine's Day is a good time to think of others who are important to us - Moms and Dads, grandparents, sisters and brothers, friends and classmates, teachers.

Слайд #3

Happy Valentine’s Day to you It's a nice time to tell them how much you like them and how you feel. To each and every friend we send a lovely valentine. Mom, Dad, Sis, and Brother, too. Will receive a heart that says, “I love you”

Слайд #4

Today you will get to know why this holiday is celebrated all over the world, there will be a short quiz and we will play fun games. St. Valentine's Day is a holiday which is celebrated in Great Britain, the USA.

Слайд #5

St. Valentine's Day has roots in several legends When the Roman Emperor Claudius II needed soldiers, he made a law against marrying. Claudius II thought that marriage made men want to stay at home instead of fighting wars. At that time the priest named Valentine couldn’t agree with the emperor's decision. So he decided to marry young couples secretly. This story goes back to about 200 A.D.

Слайд #6

Another legend tells us that Valentine was a Christian priest in the Roman empire three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ. He had been thrown in prison for his teaching. On February 14, Valentine was beheaded, not only because he performed a miracle - he cured the jailer's daughter of her blindness the night before he was executed. But he had written a letter to the girl, signing it "From your Valentine“.

Слайд #7

Valentine’s cards Now sending valentine cards on the 14th of February has become the most popular way of expressing love, affection and friendship. The ornaments that decorate valentines are symbols of love and friendship. In the language of symbols, a red or pink heart, pierced with an arrow denotes eternal love. It's the most popular symbol of the holiday of love and romance.

Слайд #8

Lace symbolizes a net for catching a lover's heart. So if you get a valentine with a piece of lace, it means that a person who has sent it is passionately in love with you. Lace means "You have caught my heart in a net".

Слайд #9

Cupid, the Roman god of love, is a symbol of passionate, tender, or playful love. His arrows are invisible and his targets are our hearts. When his arrow hits your heart, you'll fall hopelessly in love with someone.

Слайд #10

A ribbon means that a person is tied up. It says "You are tied up" or "You're my girl". A red rose is the most romantic symbol of love.

Слайд #11

Nowadays people usually send greeting cards with words of love and affection to their sweethearts, friends and members of their families. They say "Be My Valentine". They give roses, chocolates and other presents to them. Boys and girls have valentine parties at school or at home. Children decorate their classrooms with bright red paper hearts and celebrate the day with songs, games, poems and a valentine box. They have tea with cakes, candies and cookies made in heart shapes and decorated in pink or red.

Слайд #12

Dear boys and girls, thank you very much for your interesting story about the history, traditions and symbols of St. Valentine's Day. l think you've got to know a lot of interesting information about this subject of this holiday. You are going to have several tasks.

Слайд #13

The tasks of the competitions The tasks of the competition I. Guess what it means/what it is. 1. A person whom someone loves 2. A special card sent on St. Valentine's Day, usually anonymous. 3. Valentine's Day is celebrated during this month. 4. This colour is a symbol of love 5. A very strong feeling of liking some one. 6. Something that is given as a gift on Valentine's Day like a box of chocolate, flowers, etc. 7. The most romantic present which we can smell that is given to girls on St.Valentine's Day. 8. Something that is written on valen tine cards and addressed to a boy or a girl.

Слайд #14

ключи A sweetheart A valentine February Red Love A present Red rose A poem

Слайд #15

Competition II. Make "A Broken Heart" Find two similar halves of the broken hearts. On one half of the broken heart there is a question about St. Valentine's Day. On the other half there is an answer to it. Учащиеся находят свои половинки бумажных сердец. 1. Who was the Valentine who lived three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ in the Roman Empire? (He was a Christian priest) 2. What did the Christian priest do t he night before he was executed? He wrote t he jailer's daughter a farewell letter, signing it “From your Valentine”) Учащиеся получают разрезанные зигзагом на две половинки сердечки из бумаги. На одной половинке написан вопрос, на другой - ответ.

Слайд #16

3. Why did Valentine who lived in the time of the Roman Emperor, Claudius the second, become famous? (This Valentine married young couples against the orders of the Roman Emperor, Claudius the second) 4. Why do people nowadays exchange friendly and caring messages on St. Valentine's Day? (There was another Valentine who was a good friend to children. When he was put in prison, the children missed him and brought him loving notes. This Valentine was executed on the 14th of February in 270 A.D.)

Слайд #17

5. Who wrote the first Valentine poems? (The Duke of Orleans, a Frenchman, was caught by the English in battle and was put in prison in the Tower of London. There he began to write Valentine poems) 6. When does the oldest valentine date from? (It dates from 1415) 7. Who was one of the first leading creators of valentines? (Kate Greenaway, an English artist, was one of the leading creators of valentines during the 1800s)

Слайд #18

8. Why do any people believe that St. Valentine was the saint patron of birds? (The legend says that birds choose their mates on February 14 and begin to build (heir nests on this day) 9. What do people do on St. Valentine's Day? (They send a postcard with the words of love to a person, make special presents in t he form of a heart and give roses and other flowers on the 14th of February) 10. What ornaments usually decorate valentines as symbols? (They are hearts, Cupids of love, ribbons, roses and etc.)

Слайд #19

Competition III. "Find a Heart" I've hidden small red paper hearts around this room. The team that finds the most will win this task.

Слайд #20

Competition IV “Unscramble the words” Т: Each team will be given a heart, on which the word list is written. Unscramble the words from the word list. The team that will be able to do it the first and without mistakes, will be the win ner of this task. 1epsnret 4. levniaten 7. alee 10. rdca 2upcid 5. vloe 8. edr 3ancyd 6. iferdn 9. orwar

Слайд #21

Ключи {Key: 1. present; 2. cupid; 3. candy; 4. valentine; 5. love; 6. friend; 7. lace; 8. red; 9. arrow; 10. card).

Слайд #22

Competition V «Валентин и Валентина» Each of you is going to get half of a heart. At the starting signal try to find the person who has the matching piece. When two players have made a match they line up. The first three pairs of play ers to line up will be the winners of this contest.

Слайд #23

Competition VI “Valentine's symbols” Each team will be given a paper heart with the definitions of some Valentine's symbols. Guess what words are hidden in the following definitions. Three minutes are given for you to guess. 1 This symbol has no beginning and no end. It consists of graceful loops (петли), sometimes in the form of hearts. It means true love. 2 This symbol of a red or a pink colour, pierced (пронзенное) with an arrow, denotes eternal (вечную) love. It is the most popular symbol of the holiday of love and romance.

Слайд #24

3 This symbol means that a person is tied up. It says "You are tied up" or "You are my girl". 4 This Roman god of love with a bow and an arrow is a symbol of passionate (страстной), tender or playful of love. When his arrow hits your heart, you’ fall in love with someone. 5 This thing symbolizes a net (сеть) for catching a lover's heart. This ornament decorates valentine's cards. If you get a valentine with it, it means that the person who has sent it is passionately (страстно) in love with you. 6 The most romantic symbol of love that is given as a present on Valentine's Day.

Слайд #25

Valentine's symbols Ключи an endless love knot a heart a ribbon Cupid Lace a red rose

Слайд #26

Competition VII «Комплименты» A pair, consisting of a boy and a girl from each team, can take part in this contest. You should stand face to face at a dis tance of ten steps. You have to go to each other in turn and compliment each other. For example: "You are very pretty", "You are very brave", "You always look wonderful" and so on.

Слайд #27

Итог урока Thank You for the lesson!