Why do people like travelling ?

Why do people like travelling ?

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Why do people like travelling? Made by: Faizullin Fail Teacher: Boyko Olga Nikolaevna Level: Pre-intermediate

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The aim of my work is: to learn what people think about travelling to lean more about tourism to tell about my visit to Italy

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The plan Introduction What transport do people use for travelling Do people like travelling? Conclusion Literature

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Introduction Everyone needs to have a rest. They can go swimming, go out, ride a bike or a bicycle but the most popular rest for Russian people is traveling. Everybody can choose whatever country they want to visit. It is useful to spend your holidays somewhere because you learn new information about this place.

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You can travel By car by ship by plane by train

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Do people like traveling?

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Results of the survey 30 people took part in it Yes No -- many interesting places -- useful -- meet new friends -- lakes, rivers -- expensive -- little age -- inclement weather

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Results! So, most people like traveling. It is very interesting to travel, to learn another language and have a rest.

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Italy The flag of Italy National Emblem A religious interpretation is that the green represents hope, the white represents faith and the red represents charity. The emblem comprises a white five-pointed star, with a fine red border, superimposed upon a five-spoked cogwheel, standing between an olive branch to the dexter side and an oak branch to the sinister side; the green branches are in turn bound together by a red ribbon bearing the inscription REPVBBLICA ITALIANA in white capital letters.

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Conclusion All people must have a rest in holidays. They mustn’t only work and work every day. If you have a rest you don’t only relax, but lean many new things for yourself. And you can meet new friends, listen to music and feel good.

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