Arthurian Legends

Arthurian Legends

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Arthurian Legends

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Anglo-Saxon Tribes The Celts

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Thomas Malory “Morte d’Arthur” (Arthur’s Death) the 15th century

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Birth of Arthur A natural son of King Uther and the beautiful Lady Igraine. When Arthur was only three days old magician Merlin took him away and gave the child to a good knight named Sir Ector

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Merlin A magician, an adviser to King Uther and then to King Arthur himself. He was imprisoned for all time by Lady Vivien, an enchantress to whom he told the secrets of his magic.

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Years went by… Sir Ector brought the child up together with his own son Kay. Only when Arthur had grown up, he learnt that he was of royal blood.

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The Sword in the Stone When King Uther died, he left no heir to the throne. Merlin called all the lords together in a great church in London. In the churchyard they saw a large four-sided stone in which there was a sword.

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Arthur Made King All the lords tried to move the sword but in vain. It was Arthur who managed to pull the sword out of the stone.

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Arthur Made King After that Merlin appeared before the crowd and told everybody about Arthur’s origin. So Arthur became king.

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The Lady of the Lake The Lady of the Lake gave King Arthur the famous sword Excalibur. She did it to protect Arthur in any dangerous situation.

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Excalibur The scabbard of the sword was magic. No man could kill the man who possessed it. Queen Morgan le Fay got hold of the magic scabbard and threw it away.

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Marriage of King Arthur Arthur married Guinevere, a daughter of King Leodogran. King Leodogran had a famous Round Table, which he gave as a present to his son-in-law.

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The Round Table There were 150 places at the table. As time went on, more and more noble knights came, and King Arthur gave them seats.

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Holy Grail The Holy Grail is a cup or bowl that was the subject of many legends in the Middle Ages. It was often said to have been used by Jesus at the Last Supper, and in which some of his blood was collected.

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Camelot Arthur established a brilliant court at Camelot. Truth, beauty and goodness reigned in Camelot.

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Lancelot Lancelot was one of the most famous, bravest, noblest knights at the Court of King Arthur. He was never defeated, his fame spread all over the country…

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Lancelot and Guinevere Lancelot and Guinevere were in love with each other Their passion was too strong, and the day came when they couldn’t resist it any longer.

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The King’s Anger In fury, king Arthur ordered to put his wife to death at the stake, but when she the execution was about to begin, Sir Lancelot appeared on his horse, killed the guard, and rode away with Queen Guinevere.

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The War There began a war between the Knights of the Round Table. A lot of knights were killed in the war, and the kingdom was becoming weaker and weaker.

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Mordred The war was over, but king Arthur’s power was failing. His bitterest enemy, Mordred, decided that it was his chance.

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Battle Never was there seen a more sorrowful battle in all the land. Many noble knights lay dead on the field. During the battle Mordred was killed and King Arthur was mortally wounded

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Battle King Arthur understood that he was dying. He asked Sir Bedivere, his faithful knight, to throw his sword Excalibur into the lake. As he did so, arms rose above the water and caught the sword.

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Death of King Arthur The knight carried the dying king to the edge of the water, where appeared a barge. Then the barge with King Arthur moved away from the shore to the mysterious island Avalon…

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That was the death of King Arthur – King Once And King To Be

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