Бурый медведь

Бурый медведь

Презентация на тему Бурый медведь к уроку по английскому языку

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Слайд #1

Brown bear Dashkov Danil, 3a

Слайд #2

Brown bear The brown bear likes to make its home in a tree

Слайд #3

Brown bear The bear lives in the forest It is a big animal It is very strong

Слайд #4

Brown bear It likes to eat forest berries, honey, fish, small birds and animals too.

Слайд #5

Brown bear In winter the brown bear can`t see any food in the forest So it goes to sleep When it gets warm, the bear gets up and walks about the forest It is very hungry and angry

Слайд #6

Brown bear The brown bear is very smart. People can teach it to dance, to ride a bike and to play hockey.

Слайд #7

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