Looking good, feeling good

Looking good, feeling good

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Looking good, feeling good

Слайд #2

It goes without saying that everybody wants to keep fit, in other words, to look good and to feel good. What are the reasons for it? First of all you should be in good shape to cope with all kinds of stressful situations in our hectic world if you want to make a career and be successful. Besides researches say that well-presented people get the best out of life because they provoke ( cause) innate respect in others.

Слайд #3

What is it to feel good? The main thing is to be healthy. For if you are ill, you can’t think of anything else, you don’t need anything. be full of energy be in a good mood be satisfied with your looks

Слайд #4

How to achieve this feeling? ( In order to be… you should…) healthy have/get enough sleep; sleep enough; get a good night’s rest; not cut down on one’s sleep; not burn the candle at both sides stick to a diet; have a balanced diet; eat low fat food; drink not less than 2 liters a day; not overeat; not eat too many sweet things eat …in moderation; lose weight if you need to take a deep breath to get more oxygen into your lungs (preferably in the fresh air)

Слайд #5

How to achieve this feeling? ( In order to be… you should…) Energetic raise energy; keep active; do exercises / get some exercise; find excuses for mini-exercise opportunities wherever you can; work out ( in a gym); go in for sports go for a pleasant stroll; have a brisk walk In a good mood be a success; be successful enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy laugh more ( laughter has a similar effect to physical exercise, makes our facial and stomach muscles work and stimulate the immune system) If you feel tired, tight, upset, talk to someone to get it off your chest!

Слайд #6

What is it to look good? appearance ( look after yourself; not age one’s skin; do one’s … the world of good; keep fit; be in good shape; learn how to apply make-up properly; have one’s hair cut/done properly) clothes ( be sensible about what suits you; be comfortable but stylish; not depend on fashion too much; wear clothes which can improve one’s looks) your way of communicating with people

Слайд #7

You should also be able to… reduce stress rest weather stressful periods well recharge prevent stress building up in the future build longer-term preventative measures into one’s life protect oneself from too much stress