Welcome to Moscow

Welcome to Moscow

Презентация на тему Welcome to Moscow к уроку по английскому языку

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Слайд #1

The project was done by Kolesina Vica form:9 The teacher: Reznikova Oxana Vladimirovna

Слайд #2

I) Moscow is the capital of Russia II) From the History of Moscow III) Moscow's places of interest 1)The Tretyakov Gallery 2)The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts 3) The Kremlin 4)The Great Kremlin Palace 5)Granovitaya Palata 6)Cathedrals 7)Red Square 8)Monuments of Moscow 9)The most popular theatres of Moscow 10)The most famous people of Moscow 11) Our famous singers 12)Questions 13)Complete the sentences 14)Do you know the sights of Moscow? 15)My dream is to live in Moscow 16)The list of literature

Слайд #3

Moscow-The capital of Russia Moscow is the capital of Russia, its administrative, economic, political and educational centre. It is one of Russia's major cities with the population of 9 million people. Its total area is about 900 thousand square kilometres. Moscow is a major industrial city. Moscow is a railway, highway and international airway cross-road. It has 9 railway stations, 5 airports and besides Moscow is a port of five seas. Moscow is the city of science and learning.

Слайд #4

From the History of Moscow The city was founded by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky in 1147 as a fortress on the bank of the wide and deep Moskva river. At first it was a small settlement with wooden houses surrounded by wooden walls to protect people from the enemies. As the time passed Moscow turned into a wealthy city. In the 16th century, under Ivan the Terrible, Moscow became the capital of the state of Muscovy. Many times Moscow suffered from various invaders-the Tatars in the 13th century, the Napoleon's occupation in the 19th century, two World wars in the 20th century. The present-day Moscow is the seat of the government of the Russian Federation.

Слайд #5

Moscow, the capital of Russia, attracts tourists from all over the world. Moscow is known for its beautiful old cathedrals, churches, monasteries, monuments and many other sights. The Tretyakov Gallery houses a unique collection of Russian painters.

Слайд #6

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts The Pushkin Museum contains a vast collection of modern foreign painters.

Слайд #7

But the main tourist attraction is the Kremlin, the heart of Moscow. It is surrounded by a high wall of two and a half kilometres long. The 20 towers constructed in the 17th century decorate the wall. The main and tallest of the Kremlin towers is the Spasskaya Tower. People all over the country listen to the Kremlin Chimes on the Spasskaya Tower. Among the ancient buildings in the Kremlin you can see the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great, built in 1600, and also the Tsar Cannon (16th century) and the Tsar Bell (18th century) both of enormous size and made by Russian masters.

Слайд #8

The Great Kremlin Palace The Great Kremlin Palace, constructed in the middle of the XIX century, was the tsar's residence in Moscow. A passage connects the Palace with the Armoury, a museum which contains ancient arms, tsar's crown jewels, unique articles of gold, silver, precious stones, collection of clothes, etc.

Слайд #9

Granovitaya Palata A very beautiful building, Granovitaya Palata built in the end of the 15th century, is the place where the Moscow tsars held magnificent receptions in honour of foreign ambassadors.

Слайд #10

The Archangel Cathedral The Blagoveshchensky Cathedral The Uspenski Cathedral

Слайд #11

Red Square Red Square, the historical centre of Moscow, was laid out in the XV-th century. The colourful multydomed St. Basil’s Cathedral, situated on Red Square, is a masterpiece of Russian architecture. In front of it there is a monument to Russian national heroes Kuzma Minin and Dmitri Pozharski which was erected in memory of Russian victory over Polish invaders.

Слайд #12

Monuments of Moscow M.A. Sholohov U.A. Gagarin A.S. Pushkin

Слайд #13

The most popular theatres of Moscow The Sovremennik theatre The Bolshoi theatre The Puppet theatre

Слайд #14

The most famous people of Moscow Our president: D.A. Medvedev D Our mayor :U.M. Luzhkov

Слайд #15

A.V.Makarevich He was born in Moscow. Lazarev S. He was born in Moscow. Agutin L. He was born in Moscow.

Слайд #16

Questions What is the capital of Russia? What is the population of Moscow? What is the total area of Moscow? When was Moscow founded? Who was the founder of Moscow? Have you ever been to Moscow? Is Moscow dear to you?

Слайд #17

Complete the sentences: Moscow is the capital of….. Moscow was founded in….. London Russia America 1154 1174 1147

Слайд #18

Do you know the sights of Moscow? The Uspenski Cathedral The Monument of Lenin The Monument of Alexander II

Слайд #19

Слайд #20

The list of literature: «Английский язык»-В.А. Радовель Журнал «Первое сентября»№7, 2004г. Журнал «Первое сентября»№6 ,2005г. Журнал «Первое сентября»№44 , 2004г.