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Municipal educational establishment of Taseevkaya secondary educational school №2 ENGLISH LANGUAGE THEME: “MY SCHOOL” The author of the work: Perevedentsev Nikita, the 5th form The leader: Kholkina T.A. TASEEVO, 2007-08.

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There is a school yard around it. In summer there are many flowers near the school. There is Kremlin in a small size in our school yard.

Слайд #5

Our school has got three floors. There is a workshop for boys on the ground floor. There are many kinds of tools and machines there. We learn to make things of wood here.

Слайд #6

If you enter the school and go to the left you see a dining-room. Here pupils and teachers have dinner. The dining-room is clean.

Слайд #7

There are two computers classes. At Information Technology lessons pupils learn how to use computers.

Слайд #8

There is a gymnasium near the dining-room. At P.E. lessons the pupils run, jump, play sport games and do physical exercises. Most pupils enjoy P.E. lessons.

Слайд #9

Our school has got a library. It is on the second floor. The librarian's name is Vera Nikolaevna. There are a lot of interesting new and old books in it.

Слайд #10

This is my class. There are 17 pupils in our class: 11 boys and 6 girls. I like the 1st September. We miss each other, and we are happy to meet old friends. We give flowers to the teachers.

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Russian language Mathematics English language P.E Russian language Natural history Technology Literature Mathematics Mathematics English language Tourism Technology Art of Krasnoyarski region P.E. History Mathematics Russian language Mathematics History Russian language Literature Music English language Russian language Art Russian language History of Krasnoyarski region Natural history

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Mathematics English language Russian Language

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My Russian’s language teacher is Natalya Gennad’evna. She teaches us to write neatly and correctly. At Russian lessons we do different exercises. We have Russian lessons on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and on Saturdays.

Слайд #15

My English language teacher is Tatyana Andreevna. She teaches us to use grammar rules. At our English lessons we learn English words, translate texts and learn poems by heart. I like English because I learn a lot of interesting things. We have English on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

Слайд #16

After lessons we organize concerts, parties and celebrate the holidays.

Слайд #17

I like my school because I learn new things and get smarter. I get good marks. I have fun during the break and enjoy school parties.

Слайд #18

1. My school was founded in 1963. 2. The pupils of my school don't wear school uniform. 3. I have English lessons three times a week. 4. My favourite subjects are History and Music. 5. There is one computer class in my school. 6. There are 20 pupils in my class. 7. Our library is on the second floor. 8. There is a Kremlin in a small size in our school yard.