Hello my friends

Hello my friends

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There are 18 peoples in our class. We have 8 boys and 10 girls. We are friendly and sportily class. Our boys play with pleasure football but our girls play basketball. They win many prizes. Our Ann, Sweta and Artom are keen on athletic. They win a lot of prizes. And our Irene is the best of gymnastic.

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Our class is not only sportily but is very creative. There are a lot of talented boys and girls. There are Karpova Olya, Tishkina Ann, Sologaeva Natasha,Tchistyakova Vika, Golovenko Max, Kubanova Irena. And Rasumovskiy Denis, Tyurin Egor. They are very talented boys. They take always part in our festivals.

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We take part in the intellectual competitions. We win there good places.

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Our class leader. Her name is Valentina Andreevna. She is very good and kind teacher.Our class leader likes to travel. And we like to travel too. We and our class leader were on the Lermontov’s, Pushkin’s, Ushakov’s native country. We have visited our museum in our settlement Subowo Polyana.

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There are many artists in our class. They draw very well.

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We were very glad to tell you about our class. We are very friendly, creative and very interesting class.

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