Britain at a Glance

Britain at a Glance

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B r I t a I n at a glance. Sonya Antonenko Form 8 B Teacher of English O. V. Frantsuzenko

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The British are said to be polite and well- mannered people. Polite words or phrases such as «Please», «Thank you» and «Excuse me» are very often used in Britain! People

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SIGHTS Britain has many interesting places! There are a lot of rivers and beautiful lakes in Britain. For example: Thames, Loch Ness, Lake District, Big Ben, museums, art galleries.

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Habits Queuing is a national habit. At bus stops and cinema, in shops, banks and in lots of places you‘ll have to join the queue and wait for your turn.

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The British people are considered to be the world's greatest tea drinkers. They drink it at meals and between meals. The English tea is usually strong and with milk. Meal Habit

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The British love animals very much. Millions of families have «bird-tables» in their gardens.

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Emblems The different parts of Britain have their own emblems: The red rose is the national emblem of England. The thistle is the national emblem of Scotland.

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Emblems The daffodil is the national emblem of Wales.

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Emblems The leek is the emblem of Wales.

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Flag The flag of the United Kingdom is known as the Union Jack. It is made up of three crosses.