Music in our life

Music in our life

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Music in our life PLAN 1. Music in our life 2. Styles of music 2. Musical fans 3. Musical festivals

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Why do we listen to music? it relaxes us It helps making a good mood It enreaches a person It makes us think of happy days

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Styles of music Blues Rap Country Pop Rock Electro Drum and base House Techno

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Musical fans BAD POINTS Can be aggressive GOOD POINTS ?

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Musical Festivals Castle Dance Therapy Session Sound’s city Pirate Station

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My impressions My name is … I visited …. It was in… The music was… I ejoyed that …, I got great impressions!

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Other music sessions Castle Dance Pirate Station Sound’s City Therapy Session Questions: 1.When is it held? 2.Where is it usually organized? 3.How often is it held? 4.What styles of music are played there?

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