My Pupils Are My Motivation and Inspiration

My Pupils Are My Motivation and Inspiration

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My Pupils Are My Motivation and Inspiration There is no better reward for a teacher than to be proud of his pupils. I am Elena Akmaeva, an English teacher from school №629, Moscow. Our school has rich sports traditions. I can say I am proud of my pupils Targonsky Yuri, Tikhonova Elena and Puzyrey Anna.

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. Elena Tikhonova Yuri Targonskiy Anna Puzyrey

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Now they successfully follow Olga Zaitseva’s sports traditions. She is our school-leaver and has close ties with our school.

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Their sports achievements are impressive in spite of their young age. Yuri is a Master of Sports, Elena is a Candidate Master, Anna has second adult level. They participate in all junior biathlon competitions of different levels. It is a great responsibility to represent Moscow in them.

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. These young people give a good personal example not only to their friends, they motivate and inspire grown-ups to keep fit and to stay healthy. As for me, I prefer an evening at the skating rink to watching soap operas. My husband is my permanent companion. It makes us close. Skiing in the forest I often meet my former PE teacher Yuri Andreevich Ryabov. He is over 70, but he is still sporty and active. So, as in the times of ancient Greece sport unites people of different generations.

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It is not easy to be a success in sport and study well at school. But they overcome all the difficulties and get used to hardships. Sport has taught them to plan their activity, to win and to loose, to work as a group. Now they are finishing school and it is the time to make important decisions.