Презентация на тему аутекология к уроку по экологии

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A slow speed or medium speed Diesel engine is a high pressure propulsion plant with internal combustion.

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s In a V-engine the cylinders are placed in an oblique (or bevel) position, unlike the in-line engine, where the cylinders are placed “in line”. V-engine In-line engine

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The cylinder is filled with air. S During the compression stroke the air in the cylinder is compressed. cylinder

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The atomizer (1) sprays the fuel into the cylinder. The nozzle divides the fuel into small particles. 1 atomizer Tip of the atomizer (nozzle).

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During the power stroke the fuel is injected and burnt. This actuates the piston (1) and connecting rod (2). 1 2

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The piston makes a reciprocating motion. Piston

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1 2 3 The crosshead (1) serves as a hinging connection between piston rod (2) and connecting rod (3). Crosshead guides and crosshead guide shoes (4) absorb the forces onto the crosshead when the piston goes down. 4

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S The crank (1) is connected to the crankshaft (2). 1 2

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S The crank changes the reciprocating motion of the piston into a rotary motion of the crank shaft .

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S Gearwheels to drive the camshaft are driven by chains (“chaindrive”). camshaft

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S The campeak is fixed to the camshaft. campeak campeak

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s The push rod (1) may be used as a distance piece between campeak (2) and rocker arm (3). 1 3 2

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S The exhaust valve (1) is actuated (opened) by the rocking lever (2) (rocker arm). 2 1

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S The exhaust valve is actuated (closed) by the exhaust valve spring (1). 1

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S The scavenging air manifold (1) and scavenging ports (2) supply the scavenging air to remove the exhaust gases. 1 2

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S The cylinder liner (1) and cylinder jacket (2) form the cylinder wall. 1 2 Cooling the cylinder:

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A coolant (fresh water) is injected between liner and jacket to cool the cylinder. s Cooling the cylinder:

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s Cooling the piston: The advantages of oil as a coolant are: . it reduces noise; . it purifies; . it forms a seal; . it lubricates; . it is anti-corrosive; . it has a higher resistance to heat. The piston is cooled by oil.

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SO The piston rings (1) form a seal around the cylinder and carry away the heat. 1 Piston rings

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S During the air induction stroke (or inlet stroke, or suction stroke) air is drawn into the cylinder.

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S During the compression stroke the air in the cylinder is compressed.

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S During the power stroke fuel is injected and burnt.

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S During the exhaust stroke the exhaust gases are driven out of the cylinder by the piston.